5DollarGym No more Excuses!

5DollarGym – No More Excuses, The Whole World is Our Gymnasium!

With the 5DollarGym – You don’t have an excuse not to work out anymore. First off, I know what it is like to be down and out, broke af but still have goals. By the same token, I created this series to remedy any financial crisis which is why I created the 5DollarGym. Also most of the workouts are full body with a strong emphasis on core strength, stability and coordination.

My main goal with the 5DollarGym is  to develop maximum speed, agility, strength, power and explosiveness throughout the body.

Here is a playlist of some more workouts

Home Workout series focuses developing fullbody

  • Speed, Agility, Coordination
  • Strength, Power, Explosiveness
  • Flexibility, Full Body Rigidity
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency
  • Cardiovascular Endurance

The Shopping list

  • couple cinder blocks  (42lbs, about 20 kilograms)
  • a half cinder block each (21lbs, 10 kilograms)
  • long square piece of wood for the bar (doughnut count this weight 😉 )

Different exercises you can do with the 5DollarGym

Essentially the cinder blocks can be used for many exercises, from farmer carries, to free weights for curls, squats etc…

Here is another set of exercises you can perform with the 5DollarGym

Core exercises you can perform with the at home workout system

Again, If you still do not have the $ to dish out for my at home workout system, you can search around where you live and find anything that is big and heavy to workout with.

Also body weight exercises from QiGong will do. Moreover, QiGong is extremely efficient, not only does it save you money from buying equipment, it also saves you a ton on time. One 25 to 45 minute session works all five elements of fitness. All together, the Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, Endurance, and Body Composition.

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Ninos Ibraham

Ninos Ibraham has over 10000 hours of training in QiGong, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Nutrition, Body Mechanics, The Human Movement System, Eastern Psychology. Ninos Used to weigh in at almost 400lbs over a decade ago. With research into nutrition, human movement science, martial arts and yoga, Ninos had an amazing 200 lb weight loss in 9 months. What makes it more amazing is that Ninos did this without the aide of doctors, personal trainers, surgical procedures, and magic weight loss pills. Ninos has been a plant based vegan athlete 95 % of the time over the last 11 years.

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