BeastMode Leg Day – Build Lean Muscle Quickly

One of the Fastest Ways to Pack on Lean Muscle is by Stimulating the Leg Muscles. BeastMode Leg Day Packs Muscle On Fast 

Form, Function, and Flexibility key components when designing a program. BeastMode Leg day stimulates muscle spindle activation from head to toe. In turn this sends signals to the body to build lean muscle quickly.

Muscle spindles are specialized mechanoreceptors in the body that connect muscle to the bone. Their essential duties are to recruit muscles to produce force. Neuromuscular efficiency is directly related to musculoskeletal control, increasing efficiency increases motor recruitment.

Additionally, another focus of this circuit is to increase rate force production throughout the range of motion. There is a reason why the exercises are dynamic, as they challenge, balance, stability, and coordination all the while building endurance, strength, and power!

5DollarGym was created to make exercise available to everyone. Evolved from the spirit of Shaolin QiGong, monks would create heavy objects to lift crafted from stone. I have adapted these ancient methodologies to make things more kosher and home friendly for everyone to enjoy. 

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Beastmode Leg Day with Chest & Shoulders for More Strength and Power

Reactive training is efficient as it trains all five elements of fitness in one 25 – 45 minute session. Overall, this leg day was designed to increase endurance, strength, and power throughout the range of motion.

Main muscle groups targeted include the Chest, Triceps, Delts, Traps, Teres, LPHC, Glutes, Hamstrings Lats, Quadriceps, Calves, erector spinae, serratus, and the majority of muscles found in the back.

Having a strong posterior chain improves all lifts, and athletic performance. It also helps to prevent injury on those heavier lifts. Imagine that your legs are the base a pyramid, all movement starts here and goes through the hips. 

All things considered, the main purpose of this routine is to increase power, while improving range of motion of the posterior chain. 

Beastmode Leg Day with Chest & Shoulders Circuit Training with the 5DollarGym Workout Instructions 

Additionally, this workout was created to develop full body strength and functionality through the entire range of motion. It is critical to consider all of the muscle groups working together when designing a program. All in all, this methodology makes for the best results for athletic performance.

3 – 5 supersets is optimal, aim for 15 – 30 reps per set. If you are fortunate enough to be working with weights at the time, work within 50 – 75% RM (rep max) 

Working over 75% with anything less than 10 reps will bulk you up, reducing speed and flexibility. Furthermore, A good martial artist has a balance of all athletic traits. Essentially this is the best for martial arts practitioners as it does not sacrifice from any other element of fitness to further develop them.

***Key Notes – Try and Pause for a second at the Eccentric point(the point of full flexion, or most tension) of motion during each exercise. In short this will help to deliver the best results.


Beastmode Leg Day with Chest & Shoulders Circuit Training with the 5DollarGym
Bamboo Walking Lunges 25' x 2
Resistance Band Chest Flye
Resistance Band Punch
Shoulder Raises
TRX Mountain Climber with Stabilizer Balls
Reverse Crunch with Leg-Ups 
  • Complete One Superset
  • Rest 1 – 2 Minutes (If you are more advanced, decrease the time between each superset, I personally rest 20 seconds or less between supersets)
  • Repeat this superset 3 – 5 Times

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