Caloric Restriction Versus Intermittent Fasting – Burn Fat, and Build Lean Muscle

Intermittent Fasting is the Fountain of Youth

In today’s day and age, fitness is for everyone. It is no secret that a healthy well balanced Plant-Based Diet along with exercise burns fat away, and builds tons of lean muscle. Since 3 out of 5 americans suffer from metabolic syndrome, often times people take drastic means to get fit. It is true that calorie restriction along with exercise produces results quickly. On the other hand these results are not long term. Another methodology that has been around for eons is Intermittent Fasting combined with exercise.

Notably, Intermittent Fasting coupled with exercise is the fountain of youth. Not only are there long term results, but studies have shown that the bodies natural governing mechanisms become 65 – 75% more efficient at their tasks. Also Chronic Intermittent Fasting promotes positive genomic expression through RNA and DNA. Not only do you build lean muscle mass, and burn fat easier, but your body becomes more resistant to many other diseases.

Restrictive calorie diets deprecate the body, and there is no need to sacrifice health for a results that will only last a few weeks. . In short, long term calorie restriction diets allow for chronic disease to take hold in the body. 

Sacrifice Health for Short Term Results

Many find short term success with calorie restriction coupled with exercise. Although this methodology works, success is short and sweet. Most pick up the same habits that got them there in the first place and relapse. Calorie restriction diets are okay short-term, however over a long term they have many negative side effects. Calorie Restriction as mentioned above only disrupt the bodies natural mechanisms that regulate homeostasis.

When the body is lacks nutrients, it begins a snowball effect and one system after the next begin to shut down. On top of the results being short term, studies show that repetitive calorie restriction diets have a roller coaster effect on weight gain and fat mass in the body. Maintaining body mass, and weight at a certain point is much healthier than a yoyo, going back and forth. 

Being human, you must understand that your body is an evolutionary marvel. Your body has the ability to adapt to calorie restriction and begins to activate genes for survival. You are uniquely designed to become more efficient and to store resources during times of famine. Calorie restriction does exactly that, emulate the same conditions of calorie restrictions.

You can not undue millions of years of evolution with a couple bouts of starvation to maintain aesthetic goals. Not only do you mentally break yourself, you also cause harm to your body. Being human, there is a way to act along with evolution. Intermittent Fasting was a common practice to your ancestors. When it comes to fitness goals, there is no magic overnight procedure or pill that produces long term results. It takes a daily effort with steps toward the right direction in order to achieve real results.

Intermittent Fasting Has Tremendous Mental & Physiological Health Benefits

Intermittent Fasting is a practice that dates over the last 10 millennia. Fasts are for both spiritual, and health reasons. In light of the research, benefits include an increase of many bodily functions at the cellular level. Essentially, the body becomes more efficient, cellular respiration takes less energy. In short, this benefits all of the bodies systems as do not have to work as hard to maintain homeostasis.

Other health benefits include beneficial hormone production. In short, this means better sleep, and a more efficient metabolism. Fasting reduces inflammation throughout the body and joints. All in all, this is great for people with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. As noted in the research, there are improvements  in cardiovascular, and cardiopulmonary efficiency. In essence this decreases hypertension, resting heart rate, improves absorption of oxygen and other nutrients. Intermittent fasting also stimulates the relaxation response which acts as a positive domino effect on all the other changes that happen in the body. 

Psychological benefits include willpower, and corrected eating habits, in the long run, this creates true change.

Check out this Visual Infographic on the Bodies Cycles & Intermittent Fasting

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Diet is never alone, along with exercise we must train the mind to grow will power. In short QiGong Meditation guides the way to strengthening our mental muscle.

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