Phit4Life – Crazy Shit Leg Day Workout with Cung Le

Crazy Shit Leg Day Workout with Cung Le

Train all five elements of fitness with Cung Le’s Crazy Shit Leg Day, and get on with your day.

MMA Training is different than traditional bodybuilding or weightlifting. Workouts need to be programmed with circuit style training to stimulate full body muscle spindle activation.

For optimum results with crazy shit leg day keep this in mind

A good fighter needs speed, agility, quickness, strength, flexibility, hand eye coordination, body composition, power, endurance, stamina, and most importantly explosiveness.

In order to produce these traits, your working sets need to be within 55 –  75% rep max. You also want to aim for as many reps as you can finish per set.

Anything less than 10 reps or over 75% rep max will sacrifice one attribute to give way for another. For example you up, reducing speed and flexibility. It is your job to be diligent to find the weight you can accomplish this goal with every set.

Crazy Shit Leg Day Workout Exercises and Instructions

A superset is a circuit. To sum up, once you finish each exercise in order, that is one superset. 

Important Notes:

Generally speaking, remember to warm up with at least 2 non working sets. Non working sets are going through the movements of each exercise with little to no weight at all.

Furthermore, warming up ensures optimal blood flow to the muscles that are about to get worked preventing injury.

In either case, if you are going to use weight for your non working sets, use 25 – 35% of rep max for optimum results.

Superset Exercises:

Barbell Squat
Front Box Jump with Stabilization (Make Sure to Stand Completely Straight Before Jumping Down
***(Perform Kick and Punch Combination After Each Box Jump)
Sled Push 50 - 75'
Tire Flip 
***(Perform Kick Combination After Each Tire Flip)
Slam Ball with Oblique Twist
***(Perform Kick Combination After Each Slam Ball)

Other Workout Instructions:

  • Complete One Superset
  • Rest 1 – 2 Minutes Between Sets (If you are more advanced, decrease the time between each superset)
  • Repeat this 3 – 6 Times



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