QiGong – Differences Between Qi (chi) – Jing

QiGong – Qi (chi) vs Jing – Harvesting Life Force, Vitality

QiGong  WaiDanGong Softstyle is a system of deep breathing combined with meditative movement, stretches (static and dynamic) to cultivate jing.

Practice teaches students how to control their Qi or Energy in order to harvest Jing.

What is Qi? Essentially The word is (similar to the word Prana from Yoga) meaning energy.

Qi is the energy that permeates everything in the Universe, from solid inanimate objects to living creatures.

Life force and  is a different flavor of energy known as Jing.

Softstyle WaiDanGong unlike any other form of exercise, does not deplete the practitioner of Qi. Instead it fills them up with energy.

In order to be able to create Jing, Practice must be maintained daily

Eventually the practitioner gains the skill cultivate Qi and convert it into Jing, extending their athletic performance over the course of their life.

After time the practitioner initially learns this process with the manipulation of Qi inside their body.

In order to get this advanced level, the practitioner must have austerities in life to cleanse the Mind Body of toxins, negative thoughts, and previous impressions.

In order to become a high level QiGong Practitioner to harvest Jing

These austerities include proper diet, exercise, breath control, relaxation, meditation, positive thinking.

A diet is that clean and free of toxins is necessary so that the mood and or thinking is not altered

Practice must be perpetual, it is recommended to practice internal NeiDan Gong (Meditation, Breathwork) and external QiGong twice a day to maintain these austerities.

One Session of Softstyle  WaiDanGong and one session of Hardstyle QiGong

Here is a link to a QiGong Hardstyle Vinyasa

Here is a link to healing Chronic Pain Naturally with QiGong

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