Martial Arts Fight Training, Sparring with Cung Le

Sparring and Learning How to Play this Wild Game of Chess with Cung Le

Fighting takes a lot more cunning and smarts than one would think. A good fighter needs to play his opponent similar to a game of chess. Sparring with a good partner is the safest way to learn the subtle tricks.

In an actual fight where there is a lot on the line, a fighter needs to know their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Fighting and sparring with brute force is a waste of energy

A good fighter needs to know how to move efficiently so as not to waste energy in the ring. Check out Cung Le’s Official Site

Furthermore, Knowing how and when to throw punches kicks is critical to scoring points and ultimately winning the match.

By the same token, conditioning is a must. In short without being in shape, most fighters are done fore before the match even begins.

Fakes, dodges, feints are all needed for developing the winning strategy

In the same fashion plays are created in Football, all fighters observe and note their opponents movements to create a game plan.

Equally important to being in awesome physical shape, fighters need to be mentally fit to understand the strategy behind their opponent.

In brief, sparring with a great partner is the best way to practice your strategy leading up to a fight. Check out Cung Le’s Official Site

Developing the fight winning knock out punch or kick

In light of everything mentioned above it takes dedicated training and practice to create the right strategy.

Once you observed your opponent’s movements, and know they throw a certain punch or kick, you can implement your strategy.

Equally important is bringing your sparring partner up to date with your discoveries. In brief this will help you against your opponent.


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Not only does Martial Arts harden the body, but they also teach the practitioner to follow these principles
  • Compassion
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Courage

In short, the goal of Martial Arts is to achieve results that last a lifetime.


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