Phit4Life – Athlete Exclusive Ginger Ninja Interviews Cung Le

Phit4Life Presents An Exclusive Interview Ginger Ninja Trickster Got with Cung Le – the King of Everything

In this interview, Cung Le opens up and describes his rough and tumble childhood and what lead him into martial arts.

In light of Cung Le’s rough childhood, his mom decided to enroll him into TaeKwonDo at the ripe age of 11.

Similarly, After a few years of practices Cung Le discovered wrestling and dove into this new sport.

In addition, Cung went on to discover Sanda Sanshou, which is a combination of kickboxing, and wrestling.

Strike Force and MMA Champion Cung Le describes his path to success

Everyone knows to avoid Cung’s kicks as much as possible. By the same token, the problem with that is his speed and quickness.

Coupled with the speed of Bruce Le, the gracefulness of Muhammed Ali, and the Power of Iron Mike Tyson, Cung Le’s conditioning is unmatched.

Furthermore, Cung is a knockout artist. In short, his strikes are fast, full of power and explosiveness.

Although he is an official badass, Cung Le isn’t about fighting

Cung does what he has to do in order to support that which he loves. His badass side was developed because of the history he has had in his life. In order for Cung to provide the lifestyle his family needs, he had to kick ass on T.V.

Cung goes on to describe the code of ethics and principles that he abides by are those of a warrior. According to Bushido, the codes are as follows

  • Compassion
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Courage

Watch the full exclusive on Cung here

“Never Listen to Anyone Trying to Throw You Off. Keep Going, Always! ” – Cung Le

Check out Cung Le’s Official YouTube Channel

Check out Ginger Ninja’s Official YouTube Channel

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