Healing Chronic Pain Naturally with Yoga & Meditation – Break the Pain Fear Cycle

Healing Chronic Pain Naturally Takes Mental & Physical Effort

Scar Tissue Chronicles is a series put together about what happens to the body after injury. Furthermore to restore the body after adhesions (scar tissue) is a difficult task. Gaining mindfulness and awareness is critical to heal soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves.) There is hope for Healing Chronic Pain Naturally.

Healing the afflicted area after injury has many hurdles as conventional medicine slows or even stops the healing process. Luckily there are mind body practices like Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, and other Martial Arts that incorporate mind body training.

Dealing With Chronic Pain Is Challenging, Education Will Help You in Healing Chronic Pain Naturally

Chronic pain is debilitating and leaves most in a crippled state unable to live a fulfilling life. Not only does chronic pain attack the body, but also the mind. Other than physical pain, most are filled with mental anguish because of the fact that they can not live life to the fullest. Conventional treatment only make things worse. Pain medication stops the healing process and leaves most in a zombie like state. 

Pain in the body after injury is important as it serves as a critical indicator for movement, and the bodies condition. Moreover, pain functions as a signal that sends the conscious mind messages about the body. Furthermore, when pain medication is ingested, signals sent to the mind regarding pain are numbed down. In brief, this compounds injury further as the bodies natural regulatory signals are not in place. After pain medicine is ingested, the patient forgets about the injury because of a lack of communication from the nervous system. 

In addition, medications stop the bodies natural healing process by slowing down the metabolism. In turn this prohibits foods from getting absorbed properly. Nutrient absorption stops because of the altered cytosolic process.  Not only is the body not getting vital nutrition to heal, but the heart rate slows down. This process further prohibits oxygen and nutrient flow to the afflicted area.

Knowledge about Scar Tissue Will Help You in Healing Chronic Pain Naturally

After a traumatic event, it not uncommon for scar tissue to form. Scar tissue does not function the same as normal soft tissue. During the rehab process, altered tissue inhibits proper communication from the CNS (Central Nervous System) to the afflicted area.

On top of this, adhesions have formed altering proprioception which prohibits proper neuromotor control. On top of not having proper control, often times trauma from injury causes neuropothy. Additionally soft tissue afflicted has altered blood flow, and bad nutrient and o2 absorption which creates a domino effect of problems.

Altered soft tissue has phenomenal levels of tensile strength compared to normal tissue, making it easier to tear, and injure. Other than being easy to reninjure, the patient has much more to compete with. In brief, the problem is as much mental as it is physical.

Healing Chronic Pain Involves Breaking the Pain Cycle

When it comes to breaking the pain fear cycle, mind body practices have definite advantages. Ancient mind body practices offer physical, and mental training to aide in the relief and healing of symptoms. Physical practice serves as an effective form of rehabilitation as the poses are modifiable for any need. Classical Sivananda or BKS Iyengar Yoga has poses over 840,000 poses alone. 

Other than physical practice, mind body practices offer breathwork and meditation exercises that help patients deal with and overcome pain. In light of research, developing mindfulness and awareness are critical tools that aide patients suffering from chronic pain. Studies have shown that with mind training there is greater neuropsychological control.

Not only is there pain from the injury, but patients also develop of a fear of pain. When an episode of fear occurs, the body has been shown to reproduce the tensions from the original injury. At the subconscious level, the body sends signals to restrict blood flow, as well as oxygen absorption to the area. This natural reaction is called Tension Myositis Syndrome or TMS. 

TMS is a natural self-defense mechanism that evolved as a protection mechanism to save the body from further injury. Reacting to the fear of pain produces similar symptoms to those during the original injury. Overcoming this fear is necessary in order to heal the body and regain a normal life. All things considered, developing willpower is an advantage in the healing process as it is as much a mental process as it is physical. 

Physically Speaking, this is How Scar tissue Alters the Human Movement System

Scar tissue displays these inhibitory traits

  • False Proprioception
  • Improper Motor function
  • False Sensory Function
  • False Integrative Function
  • Inefficient Mechano and Nociceptors 
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency
  • Altered Joint Receptors
  • Rate Force Production, Motor Recruitment Inhibition
  • Cardiovascular Inefficiencies, Lowered Blood Flow, Altered Blood Flow, Altered Nutrient Absorption
  • Suffers from Chronic Inflammation (This further inhibits the Cardiovascular System from Functioning Properly)
  • Neuropathy or Multiple Sclerosis of the CNS and or PNS

Aside from having a host of internal flow and connectivity issues, tissue after trauma causes physical disfigurement

Scar Tissue phenomenal tensile strength causes muscular imbalances that lead to

  • More Inflammation
  • More Neuropathy
  • CNS and or PNS Deterioration 
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Premature Joint Deterioration
  • Skeletal System Deterioration

Scar Tissue is a leading proponent of suffering, thankfully Mind Body Practices guide the way to healing chronic pain naturally.

Standing Meditation guide

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