An Integrative Mind Body Corporate Wellness Makes Dollar$ and Cent$

Employers are always seeking new ways to help stop a silent killer that contributes to chronic disease. Moreover, the main goal of Corporate Wellness programs is to educate employees about proper diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices. First off, incorporating a Corporate Wellness Program educates employees about proper diet, and exercise. All things considered, a sedentary lifestyle, along with poor diet and exercise habits are the biggest contributors to chronic disease. 

Often times, even the quietest office workplace can be the most hazardous health. Even a high paced warehouse environment stands to benefit from an Integrative Mind Body wellness program. to chronic pain. Workers will remember to get up and stretch at the end of each hour. Also, an alert employee is more likely to be able to foresee and prevent accidents in the workplace. Even though there is a huge contrast from an office to a fast paced warehouse, employees from both environments stand to gain from a Corporate Mind Body Wellness Program. 

Mind Body Programs self regulation through Mindfulness, and Awareness training. This can benefit a corporate workplace in many ways.  Moreover, long term Corporate Wellness programs increase moral as well as productivity. Higher employee moral coupled with a fresh outlook on wellness saves money and increases profits. In short, an all encompassing Mind Body program is what your company has been missing. All in all, Mind Body Programs not only change body composition, but also help people develop willpower, and healthier social skills.

A Corporate Wellness Program Save$ Your Employee$ on Health Care

Obesity is the leading cause of chronic disease, and early death. With the current Status Quo, three out of five americans have metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, the epidemic leaves the medical field with a huge tab. In addition, the current trend with fad diets, new surgeries, miracle supplements, and magical pills only perpetuate the problem. Misinformation from such products and or services make promises that will transform people overnight. The truth of the matter is that none of these interim products will help long term.  Mindfulness and Awareness training along with education on diet and healthy lifestyle habits play a key role in the development of change that leads to wellness over a lifetime.

Major sources of chronic disease include a sedentary lifestyle, improper education, lack of willpower, poor diet, and exercise. This is where an Integrative Mind Body Wellness Program comes in handy. For warehouse workers, practices strengthen the body, and makes them less prone to injury. Another key benefit is a gain in focus, alertness, awareness, as well as mindfulness to any and all situations. A more alert employee means less workplace incidence. Additionally, employees in the office atmosphere also have much to gain. Sitting is the leading cause of postural distortion which leads to chronic disease like obesity and chronic pain. In order to avoid the cumulative effects of sitting, employees must stand  up every 45 – 60 minutes and stretch. 

“You’re going to have to let it hurt. Let it suck. The harder you work, the better you will look. Your appearance isn’t parallel to how heavy you lift, it’s parallel to how hard you work.” – Joe Manganiello

Furthermore, Corporate wellness programs educate employees on proper diet and exercise. In doing so, this acts as a preventative measure against many chronic diseases. First off, not only are people are more likely to adhere to a therapeutic intervention program, but the workplace will also act as a reminder to stick with the program. Secondly, an intuitive wellness program has support groups set up to insure that people who participate find success. In either case, an integrative Mind Body Corporate Wellness Program substantially lowers the bottom line when it comes to pay the insurance bill.

Result$ that La$t Over a Lifetime

Many go on a roller coaster ride of emotions chasing an ideal weight or goal, never being able to get to the root cause of why they find themselves back in the same boat year after year. Traditional strength and conditioning along with diet is effective, however results are literally skin deep. Many fail to stick to a program for longer than one month. Studies show that this yo-yo of weight loss, and weight gain is more detrimental to health than maintaining a certain weight. In either case, failure to adhere to therapeutic intervention programs is due to discouragement, as well as emotional occurrences. All things considered, Mind Body Practices offer Meditation as well as Breathwork exercises which help tame the beast inside.

Went it comes to any action, it is 90% mental and 10 % physical. By the same token, an adult thinks anywhere from 50 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Additionally, the more often an activity and or thought are repeated, the more likely they are to arise again. Thoughts, memories, impressions, and habits picked up since childhood. These thoughts are responsible for how someone chooses to react to everyday occurrences. Essentially, Meditation and Breathwork exercise does is that it gives the practitioner greater neuropsychological control.

“whatever you think that you will be. if you think yourself weak, weak you will be;  if you think yourself strong, you will be” ― Swami Vivekananda

Meditation does not teach you how to bury emotions, but how to channel and better focus emotional energy. Awareness, and Mindfulness training allows for a clearer observation of thoughts, and emotions. In the same fashion you get into your car and drive, Mind Body Training gives you the wheel over thoughts and emotions. Life is constantly full of ups and downs, happy and stressful times. When it comes to how you blow off steam, the manner in which you proceed can be constructive, or destructive. On the whole, being human makes you a creature of habit. As life goes on, you program yourself to react to stress as well as other emotions with whatever ritual you have created for yourself.

Furthermore, Mind Training acts like a buffer between the conscious and subconscious minds. Mindfulness and Awareness of emotions gives you the ability to process emotions, and make a clear headed choice. Often times, the habits you have built up over time lead to destructive behaviors which offset any goal you are in pursuit of. Moreover, this buffer between thought and action gives you the ability to look introspectively and understand your habits so that you gain control over emotional choices. Overall, the ability to understand your nature increases the probability that you will make consciences choices when life throws hurdles your way. 

 Corporate Wellness Programs Reduce Incident$ and Increa$e Productivity

Happy and healthy employees have a direct role in how a company’s market shares grow or shrink. As a matter of fact, Mind Body training increases overall productivity. Surveys show employees make smarter choices and even begin to include diet, and exercise into their daily lives.  Mindfulness, and Awareness training helps employees look past their current mood to make better decisions. Correspondingly, with Mind training, counterproductive work behaviors, and incident reports decrease. By and large, Mind Body Practices at the workplace makes employees team oriented and alert to the immediate and long term needs of the company.

A healthy lifestyle gives you a creative outlet to release stress and anxiety you how to better manage stress, increasing moral. Diet, exercise, and mindset are directly related to mood. As employe moral as increases so does productivity. Correspondingly, Employees stop engaging in activities that can cause physical harm to themselves, or damage company property.  Ordinarily happier employees make for a pleasant work enviornment.

Generally speaking, studies show that incorporating an Integrative Mind Body Program reduces minor as well as major workplace incidents. In either case Mindfulness and Awareness training reduces gossip as well as harassment cases. Moreover, employees are better able to place themselves in others shoes, and imagine how certain actions will affect someone or the company as a whole. All things considered, Corporate Wellness Programs are a great value as they help people live healthier more fulfilling lives which ends up saving in overhead costs.

Phy$ical Benefit$ of A Corporate Wellness Program

As a matter of fact, benefits of Mind Body Training start during your first class. Employees can expect more physical results within 6 weeks. During practice, many report to feel sensations like intense tingling, warmth, cold, and shaking. These feelings are normal as the body will begin to absorb more oxygen, increase heart rate, as well as other regulatory functions. Not to mention, what makes Mind Body easy to practice daily is that each session stimulates the bodies relaxation response which activates the bodies natural healing mechanisms. Uniquely, Mind Body training does this by changing the bodies active and recessive genetic traits. In short, Practice conditions the body at the cellular level to endure, and become much stronger.

Moreover, long term benefits of Mind Body Training include an increase in mobility, cardiovascular efficiency, metabolic function, immune system response, mobility as well as bone density. Physiological changes are just the start. QiGong also offers Meditation and Breathwork exercises that train the mind and give you greater neuropsychological control. In brief, employees can expect to see these results after 6 weeks.

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. – Plato

Mind Body training is also efficient. Depending on intensity, a class’ length only needs to be 25 – 45 minutes. Another benefit is that all five elements of fitness are trained within one class. The five elements being Muscular Strength, Endurance, Cardiovascular, Flexibility, and Body Composition. With conventional strength and conditioning, these elements are all separated which makes training a lengthy process. Unfortunately not everyone has the time of day to train like an olympian which makes Mind Body Training an easy go to solution.

Long term Corporate Wellness Programs Benefit Psychological A$ Well A$ Physiological Health (Conclusion)

Altogether, education on proper diet and exercise plays a major role as a preventative measure against a sedentary lifestyle. Mind Body training teaches employees how to counter the effects of sedentary office life, or a fast paced laborious enviornment. In short, learning these practices play a major role in reversing the effects of chronic diseases like metabolic syndrome or chronic pain. 

Generally speaking, with Mind Body Practices you will not have to worry about your employees performance even under the most stressful situations. Practice increases focus, alertness, Mindfulness, Awareness, and most importantly mental dexterity. Maintaining focus in stressful situations not only saves money, but in certain situations can save lives In short, it is ideal to be prepare before hand for when the heat which improves employee morale and reduces workplace incidents. 

As has been noted, positive changes benefit the work enviornment, as well as quality of life. Not only will adding an Integrative Mind Body Corporate Wellness Program lower your bottom line, but your market shares will increase. Other than financial perks, your employees will also benefit from a lifetime of wellness. In a word, adding an integrative program is an all around win – win.



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    my company has a similar program setup, it helped a few of my coworkers to quit smoking

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    doing things in a group always seems to work better


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