Meditation and Yoga in the Classroom

Meditation and Yoga in the Classroom Gives Children the Head Start they Need in Life

With a growing sedentary lifestyle, childhood obesity is on the rise. A lack of funding prevents proper strength and conditioning programs for inner city schools. In addition, stress in the classroom is in the rise due to standardised tests. Stress produces a catabolic reaction in the body, which leads to metabolic syndrome. Meditation and yoga in the classroom is the answer for a growing problem.

By and large the epidemic of childhood is growing by the day. In short, mind body practices offer a simple answer to this ever complicated problem.

Meditation and Yoga in the Classroom Help Manage Stress and Supercharge Brain Development

Meditation and Yoga in the classroom makes dollars and sense. 

With a lack of proper funding for many essential school functions this poses a problem.  Most inner city schools suffer from lack of funding, and this is where mind body practices have a clear advantage as they are cost effective. All you need to practices is a qualified instructor and a floor mat. 

Other than physical training, mind body practices also offer meditation, and breathwork exercises. Skills learned from these practices give children tools they can use over the course of their lifetime. 

Studies have shown that exercise is a critical aspect of developing the mind body connection. Starting young insures that children create and maintain healthy habits. Mind body practices developed during childhood impact an individual over the course of their lifetime. To sum up the habits created during childhood help you make better decisions over the course of your life.

On the whole it is important to start education on proper exercise and diet as early on as possible. By doing so we ensure optimal neural development in our youth.

Mind Body Practices are Efficient 

First off mind body practices like Yoga train all five elements of fitness in one 25 – 45 minute session. Cardio, flexibility, muscular endurance, strength, and body composition. A small break in the school day will benefit children tremendously. Studies have shown that exercise helps to develop memory retention. Another benefit of yoga in the classroom is a major decrease in baseline cortisol. 

Cortisol is the catabolic hormone the body releases during times of stress. Overall, cortisol is a hormone that destroys the body from the inside out. It also has a significant effect on memory and retention. 

Secondly, children who are calmer have a big change in behavior. Studies have also shown a significant decrease in misconduct occurrences. Furthermore, studies have shown increases in concentration, attention, while decreasing anxiety, enhancing mood, improving self-esteem, and the ability to cope with problems.

All things considered, these ancient practices save schools on overhead costs, while also equipping our youth with a vast assortment of tools to deal with life and adversity.

Meditation and Breathwork Exercises from Mind Body Practices

Additionally meditation plays a huge roll in mind training. Meditation gives the ability to better self govern. Teaching children how to be in better control of their emotions at a young age, helps them make better choices over the course of their lifetime.

In addition, breathwork exercises teach the practitioner how to maintain calm in the most chaotic situations. In short these forms of training give the practitioner the tools to be able to healthy lifestyle habits. Breathwork exercises are taught in a variety of different applications from military to art. Principles learned from staying calm have a plethora of different uses.

In brief, the earlier children are taught these critical skills, the more likely they are to make healthy choices over the course of their lifetime.

 Long Term Health Benefits of Practice Include
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Neuromuscular efficiency
  • Lymphatic System, Increased Immune System Efficiency
  • Enhanced Beneficiary Hormone Production of the Endocrine System (HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen)
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Cardiopulmonary System Efficiency, Lowered Blood Pressure and Heart Rate. Decreased Hypertension
  • Enhanced Soft Tissue Tensile Strength, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Fascia, and Skin. This helps to Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion through the Joints


Overall developing will power is as important as developing the Body, QiGong guides on Meditation

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2 thoughts on “Meditation and Yoga in the Classroom

  • March 2, 2017 at 1:48 am

    I started bringing my children to Yoga class after school, and there grades went up. I have never seen them so calm before

  • March 26, 2017 at 8:39 am

    My child’s school recently adopted Yoga in the Classroom, and I have never seen him so calm. It really works!


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