Full Body Strength Conditioning, Develop Willpower for Success

Developing Willpower for Success. Full Body Strength and Conditioning in the Luxury of Your Living Room. 

Fitness is a necessary part of life. Although people nowadays are living longer, the quality of life is no longer that great. There is an obesity epidemic going on that three out of five people suffer from. Metabolic syndrome is the biggest contributor to chronic disease, and death.

Strength and conditioning is a great way to get into shape but it does have its shortcomings. Most do not achieve their goals due to adversity, and or emotional triggers that arise as time goes by. One necessary aspect to maintain fitness levels over the course of a lifetime is mental discipline. traditional strength and conditioning does not address how to build the necessary willpower to maintain healthy habits over the course of a lifetime. 

In either case, willpower is a muscle that needs to be developed along side with the body. Mind body practices address this with meditation, and breathwork.

Fitness is for everyone! You Do Not Need To Spend Hours Every Day or A Fortune to Be Fit

Mind body practices are efficient. One 25 – 45 minute session trains all five elements of fitness. Strength, flexibility, cardio, muscular endurance and body composition. Additionally. Circuit training is a little more challenging on the body as the movements from the exercises are specific and most would need a trainer to monitor their form or risk injury. I am not discouraging you from performing the exercises from the 5DollarGym, just be careful. In short, practices like Yoga, TaiChi or QiGong usually are low impact and do not involve weight bearing exercise. Moreover, the gentle flowing movements usually are much safer to practice. 

Secondly, mind body practices are cost effective. All you need to start is floor mat, and a stretch belt. Please note, I am not discouraging you from getting a gym membership, as they can be a great resource to getting more involved in the community of fitness. Not everyone has the luxury of going to a gym due to time constraints. Many people have responsibilities, and families they need to take care of. 5DollarGym, and Mind body practices offer you a cost and time effective way to get that burn in.

As can be seen by the research, mind body practices coupled with a wholefoods plant based diet increase quality of life tremendously.

The Main Advantages of Mind Body Practices are Meditation and Breathwork Exercises. Willpower, the Biggest most Important Muscle of All

Meditation and breathwork exercises are two practices that traditional strength and conditioning lack. Mind training practices train the most important muscle of all, willpower. 90% of any work done is mental, as the body will not go where the mind will not venture.

Mind training is critical, developing willpower helps to keep you on track as life’s adversities come between you and goals. From making a decision not to binge eat due to emotional triggers, or to exercise even on days you feel like you can not. Dealing with problems that arise accordingly is the main differentiator between failure or success.

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