Phit4Life – Striving Today ‘Phor’ A Better Tomorrow, ‘Phor’ everyone

The numbers are in and they are staggering,  3 out of 5 Americans are obese, over 200 million. One out of 3 americans has Chronic Pain 100 million who suffer from day to day pain.

Phit4Life is a project created to take on a growing epidemic of Obesity, and Chronic Pain. 

So far the bar has been set LOW, and the status quo is throwing a bunch of pills, overnight cures, and surgeries at a problem that only covers up a broken system like a bandage.

Phit4Life is an initiative created to help solve these two interrelated problems. I understand that I am only one man, and that I can not build Rome alone.

The solution to this is to make a public meeting ground where our community leaders in the fitness and medical industry can stand up to help raise the bar.

This project is about the greater good, gathering like minded Community leaders, athletes in the fitness world in one space, to make an impact.

The goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and get people motivated to heal from within.

With this worldwide obesity epidemic running rampant,

As a consciously evolved individual, I have a great responsibility and understand the implications that power and knowledge bring,  

I understand the impact that my lifestyle choices have on people in my life and the people around them.  I made a promise to myself to never stop and always give my best! Spread the love!

If there are many great minds working together to help solve a problem, there is no question that change will happen.

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