Physical Rehabilitation After Major Injury

Day to day life is already enough of a hassle, don’t let pain from physical rehabilitation slow you down!

Putting our bodies through physical rehabilitation, or corrective exercises can be a daunting, and painful process.

Chronic pain, injury inflammation, joint degeneration, herniations, slipped disks, nerve pain, stenosis, tendinitis, ripped muscles are already hard enough to deal with.

100 million americans deal with chronic pain, injury inflammation, joint degeneration, herniations, slipped disks, nerve pain, stenosis, tendinitis, ripped muscles are some of the major causes.

We have two hurdles to climb after the initial injury, physical damage from scar tissue, and our own mind, the combination of the two can have a dangerous snowball like effect.

The pain fear cycle can be a terrordome and can stop us in our tracks. Thinking about the injury or the trauma of becoming injured  has an actual physiological impact on our bodies.

Our subconscious mind sends signals  to the parts of the limbs we are thinking about and signal our bodies to decrease blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient absorption in the given area.

Scar tissue only compounds on the problem, the soft tissue already has altered blood flow, thicker fascia, and a horde of other problems.

Movement of the limb  affected with scar tissue can often be painful, the affected soft tissue decreases the range of motion of in joints, causing muscular imbalances, inflammation, nervous system deficiencies, and eventually joint degeneration.

The best way to describe it would be a with a fisherman and his net. A normal net flows through the water with ease, but if there was more mesh it would draw more water, become heavy, and hard to draw back in.

A normal muscle is the normal net, catching fish or nutrients efficiently. The scar tissue would be the net with the extra mesh, the fisherman is going to starve.

This is now a Mind Body problem, and for people with chronic pain, the problem becomes a perpetual snow ball.

Misinformed doctors, and pharmaceuticals have a huge roll to play with this. The general way to deal with chronic pain in the western world is to throw pills at the problem, numbing our Minds and Bodies, when in fact we need to be listening to what they need.

In most non westernised countries, painkillers, muscle relaxers, and other mind numbing, or nervous system numbing agents are never prescribed due to the cost of the medications.

Patients are coerced into starting a Yoga practice, which forces people to listen to their bodies and give it what it needs.

The rehabilitation process is painful, it involves ripping existing scar tissue, stretching nerves that haven’t moved properly, reconditioning the muscle tissue in the area, redeveloping neuromuscular efficiency in the area.

This is a perfect job for Lagree, Yoga or QiGong, all three are mind body practices that are great for physical rehabilitation, teaching us how to listen to our bodies while working through the pain.

Biting the bullet today leads to a pain free tomorrow, and there are a lot of all natural tools out there from nature for us to use, my tea is the perfect example.

My personal story with chronic pain

I know chronic pain all to well, I was in a huge car wreck July 2014 that left me with a severe concussion, ripped soft tissue throughout my LPHC(Lower Pelvic Hip Complex), Hamstrings, disc bulges at C3 C4, C5 C6, C6 C7, C7 T1 L2 L3, L3 L4, L4 L5. I was a mess!

On top of that, my right shoulder the deltoid and rotator cuff muscles ripped from the clavicle, and scapular.

Till this day, I continue to work through scar tissue to attempt to regain full range of motion.

Pics of the wreck

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This QiGong Flow is great for Healing Chronic Pain Naturally

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