A Plant-Based Diet to Help You Burn Fat

Burn Fat Away with a Plant-Based Diet

Nutrition plays a direct effect on body composition. You are what you eat, and if you eat junk, you will never maintain a muscular body composition. In light of the research, A Plant-Based Diet is effective at managing weight, and building lean muscle. 

What you eat plays a huge roll in body composition, weight loss, and lean muscle gain. Eating right does not involve a miracle fad diet or consuming magic pills. Most of these products offer false promises of dramatic weight loss with little to no effort on your end.

Maintaining health takes daily effort of mindful eating, proper exercise, rest, relaxation, meditation, and study. There are no short-cuts, cheat codes, or fad surgeries that can make you fit.

A Plant-Based Diet Has Many Health Benefits

Plant-Based Diets offer low calorie meals while maintaining nutrient density. Diets rich in carbohydrates and low in fat have profound health benefits. Areas of the world known to consume similar diets are called Blue Zones.

In addition, Plant-Based Diets promote overall well being as they meet recommended daily intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, Plant-Based Diets have been shown to prevent metabolic syndrome, ward off hyperglycemia, and prevent a variety of chronic diseases. In short, Consuming calorie rich foods full of nutrition help to manage body composition.

Capable of Sustaining World Class Athletes and Performance, A Plant-Based Diet Has it All


Protein is a critical building block for muscle. Getting the proper amount of protein with each meal is vital to building lean muscle. Adults only require a maximum of .8 grams protein per kilogram every day. A deficiency will slow the muscle building process. Furthermore, if there is an excess the body will store it as fat. (Read more about eating too much protein here)

Plant-Based foods rich in protein include legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Eating a variety of these plant-based proteins everyday will easily fulfill daily protein consumption needs.

If you consume nut butters, make sure they do not contain hydrogenated or palm oil. These fats work havoc on the endocrine system.


Foods high in carbohydrates and low in starch contain a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. A healthy adult needs to consume a total of 120 grams of carbohydrates every day.

Also, Plant-Based Diets high in fiber grow healthy gut bacteria. Recent research on the subject has empirical evidence that Plant-Based Diets maintain a healthy bioflora. Gut bacteria is linked to overall health and wellness.


A common misconception floating around is that fat promotes weight gain. Fat plays a critical role in the bodies immune and hormone production systems. In light of the research, plant based fats reverse the effects of Cardiovascular Disease as well as many other chronic diseases. (Read about the importance of healthy fats and their effects on the Endocrine System here) Most research suggests that daily consumption of fat should not surpass 10% of your daily average calorie intake.

Common Misconceptions About Weight Gain

Calories are not created equal. Protein and carbohydrates contains 4 calories, while fat contains 9 calories per gram. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. This is where you can begin to differentiate the difference between a nutrient dense, and shallow calorie.

Overall, the biggest difference between calories is the nutrient content of food. A great example of this would be to compare white rice to brown rice. White rice is high in starch, while lacking fiber. Its husk was removed also taking protein, fiber, along with other vitamins, minerals along with it. One ounce of sugar is 28 grams and contains a 108 calories. A can of Coca-Cola contains 28 grams of sugar. On the other hand one ounce of banana only has 25 calories and is full of nutrients. 

Filling up on calorie dense food that lacks nutrition is easy. An American diet is high in starchy carbohydrates, fat, salt, and sugar. Foods matching this profile have a high calorie count while maintaining a low nutrient count. Subconsciously, you are designed to feel full when you have ingested the nutrients your body needs. In essence when food with this profile is ingested, it fools the mind into overeating.

Myths about weight gain include Eating Late, Carbohydrate Consumption, and Gluten Consumption. However a balanced diet with proper daily calorie intake will maintain proper body composition. Weight gain is a direct result of daily calorie intake surpassing calorie expenditure. 

A healthy diet becomes well balanced with nutrient dense foods that provide the proper amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. All things considered, an excess of any nutrient will lead to weight gain and a change of body composition.

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