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Protein Myths Fueled By the Need to Profit

In today’s day and age, the biggest emphasis on nutrient consumption goes to protein. One of the biggest myths in the fitness industry are about protein, and just how much of it you need to consume everyday. A common practice from nutrient supplement industries is to mislead you to believe you need more protein. Protein Myths can become expensive, not just because of supplements, but from an expensive visit at the doctor.

Athletes have a misconception about protein. Most report a need to intake 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of weight or more. In light of recent research, protein supplements slightly help the body synthesize more lean muscle mass. Furthermore, studies show an intake of .08 – 1.3 grams per kilogram is ideal for athletes in order to build lean muscle, and Any excess of protein becomes fat. In addition, an excess protein intake puts a strain on the body and will eventually lead to acidosis. In either case, to maintain wellness your body needs the proper amounts of all nutrients. On the whole, the body stores excess, carbohydrates, fats, and protein as fat. 

By and large, the quickest way to build athletic physique is to eat right, and maintain a training schedule. In short this means to be mindful of all daily activities and to plan accordingly. All in all, exercise as well as the ability to moderate diet determines success. 

Protein Myths – Modes Operandi… Profit

One thing to take into consideration is that your body is on the cutting edge of evolution. It adapts and survives in the harshest conditions. Your body is made to store excess nutrients as fat. Unfortunately this means your body stores nutrients, as well as toxins. It is important to regulate and use a discerning eye for what you eat. There are many new age chemicals that the body does not know how to properly digest and will store as fat. In brief, you are what you eat.

Protein products as well as other nutritional supplements do not need FDA supervision. Unlike many other consumer goods, production as well as marketing is not under supervision by a government entity. Additionally companies do not need to disclose how they created or isolated their product. In reality,  many of the harsh chemicals used to isolate or create supplement products are left over in the final product. Essentially, companies have a green light to market wood pulp as vitamins.

On the other hand, there are companies out there that focus on quality and pay for the FDA to supervise and test their claims. On the whole, my recommendation is for you to choose companies that make this information public.

Follow the Recommended Daily Intake – Protein Myths Cause Disease

When there is an imbalance in the body unnecessary stress’ are put on the body and its internal functions become disrupted. This makes room for disease to move in. Disturbing the bodies homeostasis over a long term causes detriment to many of the bodies organs. Homeostasis is the regulation of everything from body temperature, proper hormone production, body heat, metabolic rate, sleep, immune system, energy levels, body composition etc.

Too much of a good thing becomes toxic or leads to chronic disease. Ingestion of too much of any nutrient leads to fat build up. When there is too much protein intake, kidneys work on overdrive. Overtime the kidneys become unable to filter the bodies acclimated toxins from excess protein. Kidneys control the bodies adrenal system, as well as filter the bodies toxins from cellular respiration. An excess of toxins in the body throws the body into Acidosis.

First off, Acidosis is an acidic state which harms all of the bodies internal functions. Secondly, effects of Acidosis are lower bone density, oxygen and nutrient absorption, headaches, migraines, as well as irregular heartbeat. In any event, it is a good idea to watch protein intake and use discretion with which brand you chose to support. 

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