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Daily Meditation is a Must – Breathwork

An untrained mind is a house of cards, the slightest breeze can knock it down. Breathwork Meditation is the framework that holds the house together. By the same token, the Mind is a garden, we must tend the yard (our Minds) of undesirable traits (weeds) to create healthy habits that last for a lifetime.

Again, If the mind is left unattended the weeds will overrun the garden, creating chaos in our lives. Like a garden, it takes time, persistence, and long term dedication to make any difference. In either case if the Mind is left unattended the weeds will overrun the garden, creating chaos in our lives.

QiGong Breathwork Meditation Practice Guide

Again, meditation just like any other strength and conditioning, meditation has phases and principles of practice. In short this is a basic introductory guide to help get you started.

The Guidelines for Breathwork Meditation

Before you begin, follow these rules

  • Create a sacred space that you can go to free of any distraction
  • Set two time per day where you know you will be distraction free and have already taken care of everything that needs to be done. This is to ensure the practice does not get disturbed.
  • Make sure you can get comfortable in what ever position you choose to meditate for that day, bring cushions, pillows, blankets, Yoga mats. 

Overall, The point of this breathwork meditation is to  promote calmness, focus, concentration. Furthermore, Another benefit of this breathwork is the stimulation of the relaxation response. 

Follow these Founding Principles of Breathwork Meditation

Become the Observer

Posture is important, if you are doing sitting meditation. Imagine there is a draw string pulling the head up. Chin should be down, chest up. Next, make sure that the hands are in a comfortable position.

  • Set an intention for each session. This can be a mantra, a desire, a prayer. Something positive you want to change or are thinking about.
  • Get comfortable with the blankets, each session should last up to 30 minutes. Beginners need to aim for a minimum of five minutes. Stillness can be a scary thing at first, learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • Scan the body for any aches, tensions, or pains. Try and make yourself even more comfortable physically.
  • There will be many thoughts, try your best to observe them and not hold onto the the thoughts.
  • Observe the thoughts, allow the thoughts to come and go freely
  • Establish the breath. Breath through the lower abdomen, take in full breaths slowly, and exhale slowly. Count the breath in and out, aim for 10 seconds with the in breath and out breath at first. Try and extend the breath count when you feel comfortable.
  • Calm the mind, listen to the breath, feel the breath move the body and how it shifts the body internally.
  • If you get distracted go back to the intention, and restart the breathing process.


 All things considered, it becomes challenging when each inhale is over 30 seconds, and exhale over 30 seconds.

Principles and Theory alone are never enough, we must train the Body as well as the Mind to be Strong

Yoga and QiGong guide the way to true strength, check this Beginner Sun Salutation video out

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