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Daily Meditation is a Must – WuChi Meditation – Standing Chair Pose

The untrained mind Is a house of Cards, the slightest breeze can knock it down. WuChi (Woo-Qi) Meditation builds a solid foundation for a long and happy life. 

The Mind is a garden, we must tend the yard (our Minds) of undesirable traits (weeds) to create healthy habits that last for a lifetime.

If the Mind is left unattended the weeds will overrun the garden, creating chaos in our lives

Like a garden, it takes time, persistence, and long term dedication to make any difference.

QiGong WaiDanGong WuChi Meditation Standing Chair Pose 


Meditation gives you the keys to change. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or just getting healthy. Doing any of those takes discipline as each one has it’s own protocols. There is no magic pill, supplement, or surgery that can change your life. It is a mindset that needs to be adopted so that you can begin to start making choices that eventually become a lifestyle.

The Guidelines

Before you begin, follow these rules

  • Create a sacred space that you can go to free of any distraction
  • Set two times per day free of distraction distraction and have already taken care of everything that needs to be done. This is to ensure the practice does not get disturbed.

Founding Principles of WuChi Meditation

Becoming the Observer

WuChi Meditation is a little more challenging than most traditional meditation and is unique to QiGong, it can be Static or Dynamic.

This is the Static Pose tutorial:

  • Set an intention for each session. This can be a mantra, a desire, a prayer. Something positive you want to change or are thinking about.
  • Scan the body for any aches, tensions, or pains. Try and make yourself even more comfortable physically.
  • Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. The muscles in the legs will be screaming at the Mind telling you to stop, try and resist this as much as possible and focus on the breathing.
  • There will be many thoughts, try your best to observe them and not hold onto the the thoughts.
  • In a standing Mountain Pose Tadasana Establish the breath. Breath through the lower abdomen, take in full breaths slowly, and exhale slowly.
  • Count the breath in and out, aim for 10 seconds with the in breath and out breath at first. Try and extend the breath count when you feel comfortable.
  • Observe the thoughts, allow the thoughts to come and go freely.
  • Calm the mind, listen to the breath, feel the breath move the body and how it shifts the body internally.
  • If you get distracted go back to the intention, and restart the breathing process.
  • The point of this Breathwork meditation is to extend the time with each breath. It becomes challenging when each in and out breath is over 30 seconds.

    Once Rooted in the Breath, We Can Begin WuChi Pose, and Hugging the Tree

WuChi Meditation begins like normal seated meditation, In Tadasasana then progresses into a Squat Position

  • Once you are rooted in the breath, begin to squat, we start WuChi meditation is a slight squat and get lower each time.
  • Start by trying to hold WuChi for a minute at a time, and extend the length of time in the Chair Pose little by little as you gain strength.
  • Once comfortable with WuChi we can progress with the Tree Pose.
  • Keeping the Arms, Shoulders, and Neck and Back relaxed, raise the  Arms up overhead towards the Sky with a deep inhalation.
  • Allow the Arms to gracefully and slowly fall back down towards the earth Palms facing down with an exhalation
  • Raise the Arms Back up to shoulder height, Palms facing each other with an inhalation
  • Once at shoulder Height, Keeping the Palms facing each other further relax the arms, shoulders, back and neck
  • With a deep slow diaphragmatic inhalation, Imagine you are inflating a balloon between the hands
  • As you exhale, breath slowly pressing against the air of the balloon out.
  • Try and hold the WuChi Chair pose as long as possible, if need be you can reset back into Tadasana and come back into WuChi as soon as possible.


Other Notes for Practice


  • Imagine there are tennis balls underneath the armpits. Create a small space between the shoulders and the arms.
  • Imagine marbles between the toes, try and grasp these marbles.
  • Give color to the inbreath and outbreath. Traditionally these colors are Red and Yellow.
  • Visualise roots growing from the bottom of your feet into the ground.

Become a Tree

Trees are strong and endure nature’s 5 elements.

Trees have roots, trunk, limbs, branches, and leaves and thrive in Nature’s conditions at any time of year. They are strong yet can bend and flex in the wind.

Trees roots grow deep into the Earth in search nutrients, and water. The leaves convert the energy from the sun into for sustenance.

The tree has bark around its exterior to protect itself from the elements, and does not flinch in the strongest of storms.

Be like a tree my friend.


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WuChi Pose With Hugging the Tree

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