Daily Meditation Through Everyday Activities

Daily Meditation is a Must – QiGong  Guides Us Through the Storm of Daily Life

Daily Meditation ensures we stay cool, calm and collected through the most chaotic of situations. Left untrained the mind is a house of cards, and the slightest breeze can knock it down. Meditation builds a solid foundation for a long and happy life. In any event, this guide show you how to turn every moment into a meditative act. 

Daily Meditation Can Be Done Any Where 

Meditation just like any other strength and conditioning program has phases and principles of practice. First off the mind is a garden, you must tend the yard, and pull the weeds, trim the hedges and landscape. In this case, undesirable traits are weeds, and pests in the garden. It takes years of perpetual daily work to have a proper looking garden. In order to create healthy habits that last for a lifetime, the same attitude needs to be taken.

If the Mind is left unattended the weeds will overrun the garden, creating chaos in our lives. Like a garden, it takes time, persistence, and long term dedication to make any difference. If the Mind is left unattended the weeds will overrun the garden, creating chaos in your life.

QiGong shows us that meditation can come in many forms

It may seem impossible at first, but rooting your Mind in your Breath is an achievable goal. Practice is the mother of skill, and it takes time to learn the skill.

Many times life throws curve balls at us, and the regular chores of day to day life can cause massive amounts of stress on top of our already hectic lives.

Rooting our self in our breath teaches us to silence the Mind and continue on even when there is a storm brewing inside.

Daily Meditation teaches you that moderating the breath is control of the Mind

Practicing Standing Post Tadasana, and WuChi Meditation is a great start to show us how it is done. You can take the same principles and apply those to daily routines and chores.

Practicing these principles can help you avoid chaotic situations, and unnecessary stress that can come from daily life. 

Controlling the Mind through the breath is the key

The Mind is constantly looking for ways to perpetuate the ego. Controlling the breath shows us how to silence the mind to avoid stressful situations. Thoughts will come up to help your ego perpetuate chaos, at the most stressful moments.

If you are rooted in your breath, you are an observer and can let the thoughts come and go without labeling, or judging situations. In turn, this will allow you to understand the nature of your thinking and know which thoughts to act on and which to let go. 

Use the Force 😉

As an observer, if any thoughts come up it is easier to acknowledge the thoughts and move on.

Once you have gotten the hang of riding the breath in and out, the body and mind will become calm. There will be emotions that arise with certain thoughts, and since you are more of an observer now, it will be easier to let go. An easy trick to not get caught up in one idea is to tell yourself hey that is a thought, and move on. If you become attached to the thought, go back to the principals of meditation, and find  the breath. Count your breath inwards and observe how it shifts the body and slowly reclaim your mind once again.

All in all, this is a great practice immediately after waking up, or laying down to go to bed. Alternatively you can also practice this while sitting in traffic, dull moments at work, while performing chores like laundry, washing dishes. Once you have practiced enough you can turn everything into a sort of meditation. 

With all this practice, you will still need at least two times per day that are dedicated to meditation. Doing otherwise is not real meditation, because you are performing a task. 

Principle alone is never enough, We must harden the Body to enable to Mind to become stronger.

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