SAQ MMA Boot Camp Workout with Ninos Ibraham

Put Your Old Self to Rest and Chisel the Body of Your Dreams with A Boot Camp Workout 

MMA Boot Camp Workout designed to train all five elements of fitness in one 25 – 45 minute session. Furthermore, you can enhance speed, agility(SAQ), and quickness with reactive or plyometric training. By the same token, SAQ training provides an efficient full body workout, maximizing muscle activation. In any event, this sends the body signals to build tons of lean muscle in order to adapt to the vigorous work loads. 

Designing the Proper Class Makes or Breaks a Boot Camp Workout

A proper boot camp class focuses on working kinetic chain per class. Increasing push, pull, or press efficiency throughout the range of motion. Conventional boot camp classes do not use heavy weight, as this can increase the likelihood of injury. Instead, the main focus is putting in a 5 – 10 minutes of work then resting for 30 – 60 seconds 

Workouts designed to quickly develop strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio and body composition. First off, one clear advantage is efficiency. Traditional strength and conditioning calls for separating aerobic and anaerobic work increasing the time you have to spend in the gym. 

Find the Right Instructor, A Boot Camp Workout is Supposed to Be Fun and Supportive

Moreover the common misconception from Boot Camp class is having a drill sergeant coupled with screaming and yelling at you to exercise. Comparatively this only works on about 5% of the population. By and large, encouragement mixed with knowledge of psychology as well as body mechanics makes for the best instructor and results.

By the same token, instructors need to push each individual in their class to do better. Setting the bar low will only impede progress on both the teacher and student. Growth happens when you challenge yourself as progress will always bring new hurdles to jump.

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Ninos Ibraham

Ninos Ibraham has over 10000 hours of training in QiGong, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Nutrition, Body Mechanics, The Human Movement System, Eastern Psychology. Ninos Used to weigh in at almost 400lbs over a decade ago. With research into nutrition, human movement science, martial arts and yoga, Ninos had an amazing 200 lb weight loss in 9 months. What makes it more amazing is that Ninos did this without the aide of doctors, personal trainers, surgical procedures, and magic weight loss pills. Ninos has been a plant based vegan athlete 95 % of the time over the last 11 years.

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