Spinning Shit – Spin Strike Tutorial with Cung Le

Speed, Agility, and Quickness on the Feet Are a Must for fighting. Spin Strike Training Address’ All of the Above

Growing up in the city of Chicago, the streets are rough and tumble. More often than not, birds of a feather flock together. I have many stories where I have had to fight more than one person at a time. Spin Strike training from Sanda taught me how to maintain balance while quickly turning to confront more than one attacker at a time.

As can be seen, most people are inherently good. Likewise, as the old saying goes there are a few bad apples in the bunch.

Cung Le, The king of everything went ahead and produced this awesome video on Spin Strike Training for us to learn from

Spin Strike training effectively teaches you how to remain balanced while quickly moving around to throw strikes and kicks.

Moreover, being able to move around in a fight is critical to practice, even if it is fighting one person at a time. In short the balance training from this type of striking is one of a kind.

By the same token, similar techniques with hip movement can be found within Wing Chun, and Jeet Kune Do. Ordinarily I recommend that style of basic training to practice Spin Strike Training.

Spin Strike Training

Strength Conditioning is the most critical aspect to all Martial Arts. A takedown takes full body strength

Building martial athleticism is a security blanket you can always rely on.

Martial exercises focus on developing all around performance. Speed, Strength, Power, Quickness, Agility, Explosiveness, Flexibility, Hand eye Coordination, Balance, Endurance, and Cardio.

Martial conditioning exercises offer distinct advantages over traditional strength and conditioning

First off, martial conditioning is cost effective. Generally speaking, the equipment you would need to buy to start is conditioning is a mat, brick, and a stretch belt.

Secondly, martial exercises are efficient. One 25 – 45 minute session of training conditions all five elements of fitness. Strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, and body composition.

In addition, the CDC recommends four sessions of aerobic, and four sessions of anaerobic training every week. Altogether this adds stress to people’s lives. Finding time to get all this training creates more problems in your already hectic lives.

For the most part martial practices save you time and money. Now a days life is getting more complicated due to time constraints.

Check out Cung Le’s Official Youtube

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