Fitness: Strength Conditioning – Stabilization Training

Strength Conditioning – Stabilization Training

The foundation of any Strength Conditioning program should be Form Function, Flexibility. Stabilization is the first phase of construction.

LagreeYoga, or QiGong  is the start to any strength training program. More on Lagree

Stabilization is the gateway to body composition change, with plenty of benefits

  • Improved Muscular Endurance
  • Enhanced Joint Stabilization
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Correct / Awareness of Postural Alignment
  • Improved Neuromuscular Efficiency

During the stability phase of training the main goal is to strengthen the alignment muscles.

Stabilization of training is critical to proper movement of the bodies kinetic chains

one cannot progress if this phase is not completed.

Strength training without stability will lead to, false proprioception, muscular imbalances, premature joint degeneration,  and premature bone degradation.

The Physical benefits of stability training
  • Ability to maintain posture
  • Improved Muscular endurance
  • Improved Neuromuscular efficiency, Proprioception
  • Correction of Existing Structural Deficiencies From Prior Muscular Imbalances
  • Improved Cardiovascular, Cardiopulmonary Efficiency
  • Strengthen the Bodies Prime Movers

Private Lagree sessions are the solution for most.

The first phase of training is critical as it changes the way the body moves.

Stability training forces the body to learn how to recruit more muscles during movement and become efficient.

More efficient movement through muscles saves the body from unnecessary wear and tear from everyday activities at home, at the office, while driving, enabling us to live a longer, fuller life.

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