Fitness: Strength Conditioning

NASM Strength Conditioning

Form Function and Stability is the foundation to any strength conditioning program

Lifting weight without stabilization would be dangerous, imagine if the building you are sitting in right now was built from popsicle sticks.

The wood is strong, however it will not be able to hold the weight of everything for long, it will collapse destroying everything within.

Strength training has many benefits and is one of the keys to a long happy life.

The Key benefits of strength conditioning are

  • Improved Muscular Endurance
  • Improved Muscular Strength, Power
  • Improved Neuromuscular Efficiency
  • Improved Proprioception
  • Improved Stability, Coordination, Balance
  • Improved Cardiorespiratory, Cardiopulmonary Efficiency
  • Improved Metabolic Efficiency
  • Improved Bone Density
  • Enhances Parasympathetic, Sympathetic, Lymphatic, Endocrine Efficiency 
  • Enhancement of the Body’s Mechanoreceptors

The key to a long, happy life is with training the Mind Body to enable our Spirit to do its will.

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Training the Mind is as important as training the body, QiGong WuChi Meditation does both




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