Fitness: Maximal Strength Training

Strength Conditioning – Maximal Strength Training

The foundation of any Strength Conditioning program should be Form Function, Flexibility. Maximal Strength is the fourth phase of construction.

LagreeYoga, or QiGong  is the start to any strength training program. More on Lagree

Maximal Strength is the gateway to efficient motor recruitment

  • Maximised Muscular Endurance
  • Enhanced Prime Mover Recruitment
  • Increased Joint Stabilization (allowing for more progressive training)
  • Increased Frequency of Motor Recruitment
  • Improved Peak Force Production Through the Range of Motion

During the Maximal Strength phase of training the main goal is to maximise motor recruitment

More strength translates to higher frequency of peak force rate production throughout the range of motion.

Maximal Strength phase of targets all of the kinetic chains enabling the body to work as one to produce maximal strength.

Rate Force Production is the ability for muscles to produce maximal force in the shortest amount of time.

This body flow is a perfect example of maximal strength training for the full body

This is a great workout, try it out

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