Fitness: Power Training – Developing Explosiveness

Strength Conditioning – Power Training

The foundation of any Strength Conditioning program should be Form Function, Flexibility. Power is the fifth phase of construction. Power Training is the key to high levels of athletic performance.

LagreeYoga, or QiGong  is the start to any strength training program. More on Lagree

Power is the gateway to maximum motor recruitment

  • Maximised Muscular Endurance
  • Enhanced Prime Mover Strength
  • Increased Joint Stabilization (allowing for more progressive training)
  • More Flexibility (Flexibility Ensures Maximal Soft Tissue Tensile Strength of Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons) Decreasing the Possibility of Injury

During the Power phase of training the main goal is to maximise peak force rate production throughout the range of motion.

The goal is to increase motor unit recruitment through the full body to maximise the frequency of rate force production through the full range of motion.

This increases peak force production which translates to maximum full body power.

This phase of training is strengthens all of the kinetic chains enabling the body to work as one to produce maximal rate force production.

Rate Force Production is the ability for muscles to produce maximal force in the shortest amount of time.

This phase also focuses on building Speed to create explosiveness.

This QiGong Body Flow is perfect for Phase VI level of training

Chest Shoulders and Abs day workout, Try this out



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