External QiGong – WaiDanGong – Strength & Conditioning Flow – Intermediate Level

External QiGong is a powerful tool to develop full body athletic performance

External QiGong or mixed martial arts has been around for thousands of years. The practice was created over 5000 years ago as a system of health care maintain health, and develop athletic performance for war

The strongest warrior who survived the battle got to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to his/her herroom. ( FYI Wing Chun was created by a woman – I’m all about empowerment, including women <3 )

WaiDanGong exercises are designed to develop these benefits throughout our joints range of motion

  • Speed, Agility
  • Strength, Power, Explosiveness
  • Flexibility, Enhance Range of Motion Through the Joints
  • Balance Stability, and Coordination

Parts of the body worked the most from this full body exercise include

  • Back of the Butt, where the glutes meet the hamstrings
  • Lower Abdominals
  • Love Handles
  • Back of the Arms – Triceps
  • Mid Back
  • Back of the Knee 

WaiDanGong -MMA (martial arts) conditioning exercises produce performance enhancement in these desireable athletic traits.

Instructions: One round –

Perform walk outs, pushups, cobra, inverted – v, kicks (start w right side), pushup, cobra, inverted v, walk in, WuChi pose (Chair), come up into slight back bend, release.

Repeat this on the left side, this makes one round. Now repeat the round, our aim is to shoot for 10 rounds without compromising our form.

As we advance with our WaiDanGong practice, we still do 10 rounds, however we add and extra set of kicks and chaturangas per side for each side. This increases the work in each round by double.

Once our external practice reaches a comfortable 10 kicks per round for 10 rounds, then we begin adding rounds.

We can only get stronger, Mind Body Spirit

After hardstyle practice. it is important to balance the body out, Meditation and Visual exercises help the world’s top athletes achieve the impossible.

Try this Pranayama Yoga breathwork exercises

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