WaiDanGong QiGong Iron Shirt Training with Ninos Ibraham

Learn How to Take A Big Hit to Some Soft Spots with QiGong Iron Shirt Training

No matter how fast, agile, or good your offense or defense is, you are bound to get hit. When it comes to Kung Fu, these ancient monks had all their bases covered. First off QiGong the mother of all Kung Fu originates in the regions of Tibet / Nepal. It Co-Evolved with Yoga and they eventually split off into their own practices. Back then, these peaceful practices were used for war. All in all, Qigong Iron Shirt Training came in handy. One lapse in concentration on the battlefield spelled disaster. 

QiGong Iron Shirt Training is Not As Easy As One May Think

Although you see me in the video slamming a 42lb brick into my stomach and obliques, it took years of internal and external conditioning to get this point. Furthermore, training starts with internal NeiDan Gong Meditation practice to learn how to regulate our bodies more efficiently. Inner strength comes from learning how to regulate the breath, from there you can move on to more external body conditioning. 

First off, begin by conditioning the feet, finger, and fists. Begin by using a mix big pot of dry rice and beans to train the fingertips, fingers, and fists. Now you are gonna have to change your pushups and start doing knuckle pushups on hard surfaces. After your fists become acclimated to the hard surfaces you may begin gently punching a notebook, or a sandbag. A bag of beans and rice in a coffee bag works just as well. I will be posting more tutorials of general practice shortly, please be patient.

By the same token, you can also start conditioning the rest of your body by gently using your fingers. Begin by slapping your inner and outer forearms, the neck, shins, also the inner and outer thighs. Additionally, if you want to avoid nerve damage, the process from moving to a light slap to a punch is gradual and takes years. My advice is to be patient, and focus more on the internal aspect of meditation. In short, learning control of the bodies internal process is the key here.

Iron Shirt Training with Cinder Block Instructions

Lay Down on a mat, or the floor

External training does wonders for the body, it is important to balance training out to regain flexibility and mobility. Check this QiGong Flow Tutorial out

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