Ninos Ibraham – Weight Loss, Conquering Chronic pain

Ninos Ibraham – Transform – From Fat to Phit – Conquering Obesity and Chronic Pain Naturally

Ninos Ibraham is a 32 year old vegan athlete who practices Lagree Yoga, QiGong, martial arts, and many forms of fitness on a daily basis. He is a coach who helps to guide people to a path of wellness or their journey within.

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Ninos used QiGong to transform his life around over a decade ago when he began a journey down the path of self-discovery and found out what it truly means to be healthy.

Overweight, depressed, anxious, unfocused and lacking energy, Ninos lead an unpredictable and at times, dangerous lifestyle.

Over a decade ago Ninos Ibraham weighed in at over 380lbs

Ninos Suffered from barrage of ailments including pre diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, high cholesterol .

In the summer of 2004 he moved to China to teach abroad and discovered the mental and physical discipline that martial arts embodies.

With that discipline he researched Yoga, QiGong, philosophy, physiology, vegan nutrition, and TCM. and corrective exercise.

Nine months through this journey, Ninos found that he lost 200lbs and did not want to ever find it again.

Overall well-being is interconnected with one’s lifestyle, and it takes an integrative mind-body approach to achieve health.

Ninos believes it takes focused, conscious effort to take steps and to work towards a goal.

Ninos believes that the Western approach into well-being is misdirected, metaphorically speaking, he believes that Western doctrine throws bandages at broken bones. 

Western doctrine likes to create pills, diet fads, and surgeries only to bandage the underlying problem, this type of mentality is a waste of time and energy and puts a strain on environmental resources.

Duck taping holes in a boat will only leave it afloat for so long. A healthy lifestyle is a balance of giving in service,

  • Proper exercise(soft and rigorous)
  • Rest, Relaxation Meditation,
  • mindset(we are what we think)
  • Postural and breath awareness
  • Diet(we are what we eat) are the keys to permanent transformation

Being human, Ninos has had a couple of hiccups along the way

Ninos dropped daily practice and dedicated himself to work. Puting in 50-60 hours a week earned the title of Top Regional Sales at T-Mobile and a back injury, in late August of 2012 left him in a wheelchair for over 6 weeks.

Ninos then had to relearn how to walk, and began to reintegrate his Mind Body training approach adding a corrective exercise, rehab version of Yoga, and QiGong.

By early November 2012, Ninos Ibraham was in the fast lane to recovery and ran his first mile again.

Ninos’ second injury was due to a huge car wreck in July of 2014, and was caused by a distracted driver in a Cadillac Escalade EXT. The driver that caused the accident was fine, however Ninos had begun another journey into pain and eventually healing.

Ninos suffered extensive injury as a result of the car wreck, Drs told Ninos once again that he would never be able to exercise right, let alone use my right arm and shoulder correctly. Ninos had multiple disc lesions, and herniations in the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spine.

The soft tissue damage from the wreck was also as bad, Ninos ripped his rotator cuff and shoulder muscle from the clavicle and scapula. Due to the massive impact, Ninos also suffered multiple tears in his LPHC (Lower Pelvic Hip Complex), Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads, Calves.

Once again. walking and getting around was a huge problem for Ninos. The kind of damage received from the accident left Ninos at a loss.

As much as Ninos knew about corrective exercise, physical rehabilitation, Yoga, QiGong, the Human Movement System, it was not enough in order to heal, Ninos had to expand his knowledge base. The level of Neuropathy, muscle tissue damage, and number of disc bulges made everything difficult, including Ninos’ failed marriage.

As bitter and sour as those experiences were, as much as Ninos lost, he is grateful they happened, because with the knowledge he gained.

Ninos Ibraham had been blessed with circumstance. In Chinese the same word for Crisis is Opportunity 

Ninos Was too Stubborn to listen to the Doctors telling him he would never be able to run, let alone exercise again.

He began fighting through the pain and experimenting with his Anti Inflammation Tea to help the healing process.

Ninos turned to his already vegan diet and changed it to become more anti inflammatory to heal.

Overtime Ninos once again conquered chronic pain and uses the knowledge to of the Human Movement System able to help many others on their journey within.

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