Ninos Ibraham Book – Outline – Trials and Tribulations

Ninos Ibraham – Transform – From Fat to Phit – Conquering Obesity and Chronic Pain Naturally, Divorce, Trials and Tribulations of a Tough Life

Ninos Ibraham is a 32 year old vegan athlete who practices Lagree Yoga, QiGong, martial arts, and many forms of fitness on a daily basis. He is a coach who helps to guide people to a path of wellness or their journey within.

Ninos Ibraham, weightloss transformation, conquering chronic pain, corrective exercise, 25lbs per month
Ninos Ibraham, weightloss transformation, conquering chronic pain, corrective exercise, 25lbs per month

Ninos Ibraham, weight loss

One Big Kid – Chapter I

  • Growing up Orthodox, Close Minded, Judgemental
  • Gaining Weight, Had to fight my way to go outside and exercise
  • Depressed, Bullied, Broken, Gaining weight

Travel To China – Chapter II

  • Left America at 345lbs
  • Adopted New Lifestyle (When in Rome, do as the Romans do)
  • Began Training, Diet, Exercise. Went vegan for 8 weeks in china wooT!

Return to the States – Chapter III

  • Got my desk job back with a promotion
  • Fell back into old habits, gained all the weight back and plus some 380+ lbs
  • Aha moment, Began researching nutrition, Human Movement System, corrective exercise, more QiGong, Yoga, restarted daily perpetual Mind Body Practices

Weight Loss – Chapter IV

  • Lost over 200 pounds in less than nine months
  • New problems, Excess Skin, Mental beliefs about the self
  • Inner Healing to a smaller extent. Dealing with the negativity and the bullies in my still in my life who still til this day continue to shoot down or belittle my accomplishments.

Meeting the Love of My life – Chapter V

  • Puppy love develops into a long-term relationship,
  • Supported me through father’s death
  • First Back Injury from stress working at trader joes

Missing Chapter

  • Workers compensation
  • No support from family
  • Told mom about marriage proposal and moving out of state, finally got some support

Move to Florida – Chapter VI

  • Started training Year around
  • Got promotion at work, put off mind body training to become one of t-mobile’s top regional sales men for months at time
  • Relationship began suffering, went back to train and had a severe soft tissue and disc bulge injury that got worse and worse, wheel chair, relearning how to walk.

Healing and Mankind Project Chapter VII

  • Laid off the Day after My MKP Initiate Ceremony, The beginnings of a Leader
  • Painful Recovery Process, Pain Pills, Mental Anguish
  • Heart Slowly breaking from relationship woes, Began Teaching again and gaining a following

Tragedy Strikes Again Chapter VIII

  • Car Wreck – Massive Injuries Sustained, Back to Square one
  • More financial problems
  • Relationship began to truly suffer

Recovery Process Chapter IX

  • The pain was greater than ever, wanted to heal,
  • Mental Anguish, quitting smoking
  • NO support from ex wife, was told to stop mind body practices during marriage counseling

More Mind Body Training and Research – Chapter X

  • Tons of financial stress, new job with Lagree Fitness
  • More Marriage Counseling, Caught X in lies
  • Inhouse separation, more tribulations, separation, come back together to break up once again

Trials and Tribulations – Chapter XI

  • Move to chicago, then to texas seeking opportunity
  • Defamation of character, return to Fl, Homelessness for months, finalised divorce, No success in fl lead to move back to chicago
  • Moved back to Texas, attempting to create and solidify my future and foundations by myself


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