Yama NiYama Yoga – Eight Limbs

Yama NiYama Yoga

Yama NiYama are Universal codes, ethics, philosophy, observances of the Yogi. Rules, laws, created to establish governance and continence of the Mind and Body. Moreover, Principles of Yoga seem like they can be common sense, however as we are all human, we are all capable of mistakes.

In short, Yama, and NiYama are about cleansing the Mind from Negativity, Creating a Positive and constructive outlook is more challenging than being Negative and destructive.

Yama NiYama Yoga share similar observances as martial arts. 

Historically, both of the Mind Body practices Yoga and QiGong originate from the regions of Tibet/ Nepal. As the time progressed they branched out to evolve their own unique flavors and systems of movement.

Yoga and Qigong were created for the needs of war. With the need to battle came the need for a host of things. In short this included combat, healing, and finding ways to stay calm while watching your buddy next to you getting his guts spilled all over the place. With most martial practices including healing the survivor passes their knowledge on to disciples.

I. Yama – Abstinence 

The Five Practices of Yama Include

  • Ahimsa Compassion
  • Satya Truthfulness
  • Asetya  Do Not Steal
  • Brahmacharya – Control of the Senses
  • Aparigraha Neutralize the Desire for Greed

Here is an in depth look at Yama

II. NiYama – Rules, Laws, and Observances

The Five Practices of NiYama Include

  • Sauca \ Saucham – Purity
  • Santosa Contentment
  • Tapas – Austerity, Proper Use of Our Energy and Focus
  • Svadhyaya – Self Study, the Study of Ancient Texts
  • Isvara Pranidhana – Live life with the thought that all of our actions are witnessed by our higher self

Here is an in depth look at the Niyama

As the Yogi deepens their Yoga practice with Yama NiYama, it enables the practitioner to deepen their practice with Yoga Eight Limb System.

Dhyana or Meditation helps the Yogi practice Brahmacharya with Yama NiYama

It is critical to make the practice perpetual, until the foundation in these austerities or Brahmacharya firm and harden.

Without these practices, the Mind is a house of cards, the gentlest breeze can knock the house down.



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