Eight Limbs – A Quick Glance at Yoga NiYama

An In Depth Look Yoga NiYama –

In Depth Look Yoga NiYama. Yoga can be intimidating at a glance, this guide makes the Sanskrit understandable to all. Sat Chit Ananda

These are part the Eight Limbs of Sivananda, BKS Iyengar, from Patanjali’s Teachings

II. NiYama – Rules, Laws, and Observances

The Five Practices of NiYamas Include

  • Sauca \ Saucham – Purity
  • Santosa Contentment
  • Tapas – Austerity, Proper Use of Our Energy and Focus
  • Svadhyaya – Self Study, the Study of Ancient Texts
  • Isvara Pranidhana – Live life with the thought that all of our actions are witnessed by our higher self

I. Sacua \ SauchamPurity

Qualities of Purity

  • Cleanliness of the Mind Body Spirit
  • Kriyas – Physical Cleanses of The Mind Body to Allow our Spirit to do its will

It is necessary to clean our Minds and Bodies in order to achieve our dreams.

II. SamtosaContentment

Contentment brings joy and happiness. Contentment teaches us not to look outside the self for validation.

III. TapasDisciplined use of our energy

By practicing austerity, it is possible to cleanse the body , and senses of physical impurities

IV.  Svadhyaya – Study

  • Continuing with higher education in the field of work
  • Understanding the fact that there is always something to learn
  • Looking introspectively to learn about our nature

V. Isvara Pranidhana – Constantly living with the thought that the divine is everywhere

  • Every action performed needs to be done with thoughtful tender action, awareness, focus, and intention.
  • Be present, don’t be a slave to the mind.

If one is with the family and is thinking about work, he/she will not be 100% present, and not be able to give themselves and it will cause many problems.

It is important to be 100% present with anything and everything we do, distractions will only slow down or stop us in our tracks.

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