Eight Limbs – Yoga Pranayama Yogic Breathwork Exercises

Yoga Pranayama Breathwork Exercises

Eight Limbs Yoga Pranayama Dhyana Meditation of the breath. Yoga practice teaches how to observe the body during breathing. Control of the breath teaches you how to better self govern the Mind. Sat Chit Ananda

Breathwork teaches how to take in a full deep breath. Without training you are not conscious of the breath. Unconscious breathing is usually shallow, which is inefficient.

Yoga Pranayama

Demands a conscious, monitored breath. The breath is drawn in through the nose with the mouth closed, relaxed jaw, head pointed down.

Breath is taken through the diaphragm, expanding our mid section to allow for maximum oxygen consumption.

As the breath is drawn in, body inflates from the inside out. This shifts the internal organs around.

Pranayama demands that we observe the body as the breath  moves the muscles around, opens the chest, shoulders up to allow for better blood flow.

Yoga Pranayama we gain conscious control of our breath, this breath massages our organs and stimulates the bodies mechanisms to become efficient.

Long term physical benefits of Pranayama include improved

  • Cardiopulmonary, Cardiorespiratory Efficiency
  • Metabolism Efficiency
  • Endocrine, Lymphatic, Adrenal, Sympathetic, Parasympathetic Systems Efficiency

Mental benefits of Pranayama include

  • Mental Clarity, Mental Endurance
  • Calmness, Focus
  • Willpower
  • Postural, Body Awareness

Proper Breathing

When the breath is left unmonitored, the Mind wonders. When the Mind wonders, the practice of the other Eight Limbs stops.

A monitored breath ensures the practitioner to be able to practice Brahmacharya with Yoga Yama, NiYama .

Pranayama is critical to practice if the Yogi wants to deepen their practice, as well as maintain health and wellness.

Breathwork helps the practitioner to remain in control of the Mind at all times, this is especially important when it comes time to eat.

Nutrition is the only way the Body can remain strong, the Gunas show us how to eat. With control over the Mind using Pranayama, it becomes easier to make healthier choices with our diet, lifestyle.




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