Yoga – Three Gunas – Yogic Nutrition

Three Gunas – Yogic Nutrition – The Nutrition of Yoga

A simple guide to Yogic nutrition, follow the three for great health.

In depth look at the three Gunas. Yoga can be intimidating at a glance, this guide makes the Sanskrit understandable to all. Sat Chit Ananda

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Three Gunas, Whole Foods, Yoga, Tapas

Yogic Nutrition – Three Gunas – Yama Niyama must be practiced in order to achieve Saucham.

Three Gunas are the keys to opening the other Yoga Limbs. A proper diet strengthens the Minds Body.  Each of the Three Gunas has it’s own characteristic or nutritional profile.

Sattvic – Clean, cleansing foods

  • Sattvic is the most suitable diet for Yogis
  • Sattvic Foods include fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes, dark leafy greens, fresh (not roasted) nuts, seeds, green tea
  • Organic Food Get your butt over to Whole Foods 😉
  • Proper Cooking of foods
  • Combining the right ingredients for the proper nutrition
  • Intermittent fasting

Rajasic Bitter, Salty, Dry,  Really Spicy, Sour Foods

  • Rajasic foods make it harder to practice Brahmacharya. These types of foods disconnect us from our Mind and Body
  • Eating quickly, not chewing properly makes any Sattvic food Rajasic
  • Rajasic foods include red meat, fish, eggs, black tea, some herbs and spices, milk, cheese, bread, potatoes, nightshade vegetables
  • Over cooking Sattvic food makes food Rajasic

Tamasic Food – Fatty, Sugary, Starchy Foods

  • Tamasic foods destroy the Mind Body Connection
  • Tamasic foods are junk foods, fast foods, and destroy the body and its mechanisms that govern homeostasis
  • Overeating is Tamasic
  • Over fasting is Tamasic, eating is a must in order to maintain strength and practice the other limbs
  • Tamasic foods include cured meats, fried foods, red meat, burned food, tobacco, onions, garlic, processed foods, alcohol.

Grocery stores don’t make this easy on us, I suggest avoiding the middle of the grocery store at all costs.

Yogic Nutrition makes it easy for us to eat clean.

The basis of the advice from these Sages is to eat clean. Regulating our diet is critical to live a long healthy life.

Anything other would cause disease to manifest in the body, decreasing quality of life and eventually lead to death.

Eating clean is important, check my article out on proper nutrition



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